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best tyre prices in auckland

Tyre Balancing

corchi wheel alignment

When a wheel rotates, asymmetries of mass may cause it to hop or wobble, which can cause ride disturbances. It can also result in a wobbling of the steering wheel or of the entire vehicle. The ride disturbance usually increases with speed. Vehicle suspension can become excited by unbalancing forces when the speed of the wheel reaches a point that its rotating frequency equals the suspension’s resonant frequency.

Tyres are balanced by two methods: static balancers and dynamic balancers. When tyres are fitted to wheels they are measured on a balancing machine and correction weights are applied to counteract the combined effect of the tyre and wheel unbalance. After sale, tyres are rebalanced if driver vibrations return.


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We stock a range of common tyre brands suitable for most cars and SUVs. If we don't have what you need, we'll get it in quickly and at the right price.

NZ Transport law requires that wheels on the same axle must have a matching tread pattern. In some cases this may mean that you will be required to purchase a pair of new tyres.  No one likes surprises and you can rest assured at our ability to tailor our services to your budget.


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We currently have over 1,000 tyres in stock. Car tyres, SUV tyres, 4X4 tyres, run-flat tyres, truck tyres. We even have tyres for mobility scooters. Come in and see us for a great deal on your tyres!


NZTA has launched a new online service that will advise you of the correct pressure for your tyres. Simply enter in your license plate number. Click here!


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