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Free Wheel Pick-up/Delivery Service

If you have hit a curb or pothole when driving, or have damaged your precious mag wheel in any other way making your car undrivable, don't worry! Simply remove your wheel and send it to us either with or without the tyre on it.

Just grab a piece of paper, write our address along with your return address and give us a call. We'll then arrange for a courier to collect your wheel and to bring it to us for repair.  Once repaired, we'll courier your wheel back to you.

 buckled wheel 


Send to:

Wheel Repair Services

166C St Georges Road


Auckland 0600


Remember to include your return address and phone number!

4WD Tyres Are Heavy!

Both our tyre-fitter and client were smiling at the start of this project but by the end, our guy was sweating tears of joy!  Big tyres are heavy!

Come see us for a 4WD tyre solution for your beast!

 Wheel Repair Services 4WD Tyres 

What Do Your Wheels Say About You?

 WRS wheels tyres

Red or blue? Which 'look' do you like best?

Wheels and tyres are a great way to personalise your vehicle.  Why not drive on in and try something on? We'll be happy to help!


Thank you!

We'd like to say thanks very much to all the people that have supported us over the past year, especially over Christmas and the New Year period.

You are welcome to come in and have a coffee in our lounge while we rotate your wheels for free!  We are looking forward to seeing you, even if you just want your tyres checked.

Thanks very much for supporting our family owned and operated business. 

John and the WRS team.

 WRS Christmas w 

Do You Have Road Rash?

Commonly referred to as 'road rash' are the dings and scrapes to your wheels that driving in a big city usually results is. Sadly, a little 'road rash' or 'curbage' can really upset the look of your vehicle.  WRS excels at restoring all types of wheels to their optimum condition.

Below is a typical example of a wheel showing minor damage, along with the same wheel once we have worked our magic.  If your wheels suffer from road rash or curbage, call in and see us for a free, no-obligation quote on putting them right!

repaired wheel