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Get A Puncture Over The Break?

If you hit a pothole, a sharp stone, broken glass, or anything else that caused your tyre to go flat over your holiday break, bring it into us and we will repair it for you quickly and safely.  Don't risk travelling too far on your space saver!

flat tyre

Merry Christmas

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We will be open right through the holiday season, with the exception of the statutory holidays. So, if you need a new tyre for a WOF or perhaps a set of new wheel covers to freshen up your ride, we'll be here for you.

And of course, we can also help with mag wheels, trailer wheels and tyres, wheel alignment & balancing, mag repairs, oil filters and more...

 WRS Christmas


Steel Wheels - Trailers, Carts, Scooters, Wheel Barrows

If you are looking for a new wheel for your trailer, cart, mobility scooter, wheelbarrow, etc there is a good chance we have the right wheel for you.  Furthermore, if you need a tyre for that wheel, we'll have that as well!

Open 7 days, with free parking on site. Come and see us soon!

steel wheels 

Replace Your Lost Wheel Covers

Wheel covers and hubcaps often get broken as a result of contact with curbs. Sometimes they just fall off!  We have a range of attractive, affordable wheel covers/hubcaps to suit most vehicles. Get your car looking its best with a fresh set of wheel covers from WRS.

 wheel covers 


Give Your Car A New Look

If you love your car but would like to freshen-up its appearance, why not have us take care of your wheels?  In addition to repairing damaged mags, we can also completely change the colour of your wheels at a fraction of the cost of investing in new ones!

 Wheel repair services painting