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Wheel Repair Services Ltd

The Wheel Repair Services (WRS )was established in 2000 by John Jack as the director of the company

Here at WHEEL REPAIR SERVICES, we understand time. We have swift staff that will repair your wheel QUICKLY. Whether your wheel needs Wheel Refurbishing, Wheel Straightening, Welding & Curb Damage Repairs, WHEEL REPAIR SERVICES can promise a 24-48 HR Turn Around Time.

We repair thousands of wheels !

Here at Wheel Repair Services we have highly skilled technicians dedicated to keeping your wheels looking new and running 

Wheels repair services team

straight and true. It is our goal to others to provide excellent service product at a reasonable price

“WHEEL REPAIR SERVICES” says it in the name we offer all the services in the wheel game.

  • Tyres and puncture repairs
  • Free install of your spare tire
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Tig Welding
  • curb damage, wheel refurbishing
  • Paint Shop-5000 colours to choose from
  • Truck Polishing machine
  • CNC Diamond Cut wheel refacing


Wheel Straightening

Vibrations and shakes are not only destroying your tyres, It can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension system of your car, van or truck. On Rims we use safe and effective techniques on our straightening machine. This allows us to restore bent wheels back to balanceable trueness in the same day service.

about us wheel straightening

we are the only one in Auckland that could repair this wheel. We imported a wheel straighting machine in 2001, since then we have straightened thousands of wheels and along the way we have discovered the best process and techniques to straightning a mag wheel.

CNC Machine Finishes

cnc wheel straightening

We have brought in from the states a computerize CNC lathe made especially for mag wheels and truck wheels, it has a computerized probe that can digitize any profile of the rim. On this lathe we can control the speed rate to match the CNC finish of your wheel, we can turn the speed rate up to give you a courser CNC look or either slow the speed rate right down to give you a fine line finish. This machine is designed for factory finishes. Here at wheel repair services it is important for us to have the top of the line machines to carry out our wheel repair duties.


  • Center bore honing
  • Machining inner and outer lips
  • Machining faces
  • Machining offsets

cnc wheel repair

Robotic Wheel Truck Polisher

In 2011 we imported a robotic truck wheel polishing machine. Since then our cliental has grown rapidly, heres some of the companies.

Main freight, Halls transport, Carols transport, Independent truckspray,Fleetimage,Trucksmash repairs,Advantage tyers otahu,Owens transport, Truck and trailer, Cable price, South Pacific trucks etc

 wheel repair services polishing 


Wheel Refurbishment

Here at WHEEL REPAIR SERVICES we use only the best quality paint, to give you an everlasting factory finish.We use 2k primers and 2k clears as they do straight out of the factory, all our wheels are oven baked so they are properly cured before they go back on the car. We don’t do touch up jobs we fully refurbish our wheels, so your insured and we are insured.

Here is a shadow chrome job we have done.


 shadow chrome 


Save Money With Alloy & Mag Wheel Repairs  cellphoneCall us toll-free now to make an appointment.